Packaging Products

Plastic Bags for Many Applications

Since 1992, PKG Company has been building a reputation as one of the nation’s foremost suppliers of poly bags. We provide an extensive selection of products ranging from large pallet covers, poly bags, shrink bundle film and shrink bags. Customers value our expertise to help them determine the best packaging solution.

Our team of packaging consultants will provide the best solution for your application. We supply 1,000’s of stock bag sizes and we can also custom design and supply you with the perfect bag for your next project. We also provide print capabilities, custom bag construction and warehousing.

Plastic Bags, Liners and Film

Types of Plastic Bags, Liners and Film We Offer

Poly Bags
  • Flat poly bags
  • Gusseted poly bags
  • Poly bags on rolls
  • Sideweld poly bags
  • Wicketed poly bags
  • Staple-pack poly bags
  • Bottom-seal poly bags
  • Drum and barrel liners
  • Box, gaylord, and tote liners
  • Pallet covers
Plastic Film
  • Polyethylene tubing
  • Single-wound polyethylene sheeting (SWS)
  • Centerfold polyethylene sheeting (CF)
Roll Stock Film

Roll Stock Film

Plastic Roll Stock for Your Equipment

At PKG Company, quality is our priority. Providing a vast array of capabilities, we are able to service a wide variety of industries. Our suppliers allow us to custom tailor vibrant, high-impact printing and packaging solutions that meet the most demanding product specifications.

PKG’s Rollstock offering is for customers with vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal (VFFS and HFFS) packaging machines. We offer up to nine (9) gloss, matte and metallic ink colors printed on state-of-the art rotogravure and offset printing presses that will deliver even the most complex and demanding graphic designs.

We pride ourselves on our client-specific approach and strive to exceed client expectations. Our in-depth consulting, extensive packaging options and team of experienced support specialists enable us to provide a superior end product that is visually appealing, holds the consumer’s interest and distinguishes your brand in a competitive marketplace.

  • FDA compliant food-grade materials
  • ISO, SQF Certified
  • 3rd party quality test reporting for food contact materials
  • Prototype pouch production
Custom Printed Roll Stock film great for:
  • Food
  • Pet food & treats
  • Pet healthcare products
  • Bakery
  • Candy & confectionery
  • Cereal & breakfast foods
  • Cookies & crackers
  • Dried fruit & nuts
  • Dry goods
  • Frozen foods
  • Processed meats & poultry
  • Seafood
  • Snacks
Our Plastic Roll Stock Options:
  • Plain or Printed Roll Stock
  • Reverse Print & Surface
  • Full Bleed and Flood Coated
  • Centerfold
  • Hole Punching
  • Perforated and Serrated
Key Printed Rollstock Film Features:
  • Exceptional rotogravure printing up to 9 colors
  • Matte and gloss finishes


PKG Company provides a wide variety of chipboard folding cartons and displays. Choosing the correct packaging is vital not only for protection and storage of your product, but also in providing attractive and eye-catching presentations on the shelf in retail stores.

We offer services for every step of the process, from design to fulfillment. We use Artios CAD for chipboard packaging design, and also offer cutting and finishing services prior to shipping.

Chipboard is available in SBS (solid bleached sulfate), CCNB (clay coat news back), CCKB (clay coat Kraft back), or Kraft material, depending on the strength required, printing considerations, and cost. Material is available in thicknesses from 10 point to 26 point (0.010" to 0.020"), in two-point increments. SBS material provides the best printing surface, with CCKB and CCNB also adequate. Kraft material is suitable for simple graphics or no printing.

In addition to our custom chipboard carton, box, and display capabilities, we can fulfill your order using stock products. Once we determine your requirements, our team will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way of meeting your needs. We also offer full contract packaging services if required. We can handle not only the design and structure of your packaging, but also the insertion of your products into their individual packages and multi-pack shipping cases, as well as shipping them. Sales and marketing consultation is also available, using our sales contacts to help get your product into the proper distribution channels for the marketplace.

Slip Sheets

Plastic Slip Sheets

PKG Company is a leading supplier of plastic slip sheets. We pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to provide a top-quality product at a reasonable price. Our slip sheets are flat, one-piece transfer media, formed from exceptionally high-strength, high-impact, modified polyethylene plastic.

They are designed to transport unitized loads of bagged products, wet or frozen materials and cased goods. In these material handling applications, our slip sheets offer a number of significant advantages over one-trip service.

All of our slip sheets arrive to you shrink -wrapped and banded four ways. We sell them in pallets of 500, so that they are easily and securely stacked. Each individual sheet is fabricated with two tear-resistant tabs for easy handling and movement of loads. A special top surface creates a high-coefficient of friction to hold the load, while a special bottom surface features a low-coefficient surface for ease of sliding on the load push-pull platens.

Our friendly, experienced team will assist you in placing your order. We take pride in providing personal attention to each of our valued customers.

Fiber Push/Pull Slip Sheets & Bulk Tier Sheets

Pallets can be expensive and space consuming. Push/pull slip sheets solve both cost and volume problems. Not only are they far less expensive than wooden pallets, they also take up a fraction of the warehouse and trailer space. Many customers prefer slip sheets because they are always consistent in dimensions and caliber – unlike pallets which can come in a variety of sizes, with broken boards, bug infestation, and contamination.

Our bulk tier sheets are also among the highest grade in the industry, and come in both new virgin kraft, chipboard, and refurbished options.

In addition, PKG’s dunnage products, including air bags and void fillers, protect even the most fragile loads in transit by securing them for over the road or overseas containers.

Chipboard & Corrugated Partitions

PKG Company has been in the business of meeting customer needs for all types of chipboard and SBS partitions and layer pads for the last 25+ years. Partitions are also sometimes referred to as dividers or separators and are used to protect products of all types from damage during shipping. As premium suppliers of box partitions we operate with maximum flexibility, from meeting your current box or parts configurations, to engineering new designs to fit your future needs. Our engineers are always available for consultation, please contact us and we will be happy to review you’re your current interior box packaging needs.


Protecting your products during shipping is something we take very seriously at PKG Company. Chipboard partitions are a highly effective cost friendly alternative to other styles of Interior box packaging. We are fortunate to have enough warehouse space to stock many different calibers (thickness) of chipboard, as well as different finishes such as regular, polycoated, smooth and more. Rest assured that we have the right board solution for your needs. We have had much success helping customers save money by using chipboard in place of more expensive and sometimes unnecessary corrugated partitions or other types of shipping materials. We have packed everything from fragile glass to heavy metals in custom chipboard dividers and they have all survived the rigorous shipping process.

Box Dividers & Layer Pads for Shipping

SBS box dividers sometimes called SBS box separators are partitions made from a board called SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfite). They are often used with pharmaceutical, medical and food products. SBS box dividers are white in color and come in a variety of finishes such as polycoated one side, polycoated two side, milkboard, clay coated and more. SBS box separators look very nice due to the white color and shiny finishes. If you want to buy partitions that look amazing and still provide great protection SBS Partitions are a great choice.

PKG Company also offers custom cut layer pads and sheets. Layer pads are often used in conjunction with partitions. They are used to create multiple layers of partitions in a box by placing the layer pad on top of the partition and then adding another partition and so on. They are also used to place on the bottom of the box to create a level surface, and also can be used to top off box partitions before closing the box, adding a layer of protection from damage that can occur while using a box cutter to open the box.

Helping You Sell More Product Through
Innovative Sustainable Packaging

From Custom Corrugated Boxes to Custom POP’s; We have you covered!

At PKG Company, we have been creating and providing the right package for products since 1992! Our sustainable, retail & Industrial packaging solutions include clear packaging options, environmentally-friendly alternatives, retail product packaging, and security packaging – all designed to not only protect your product but also make it stand out. Our custom retail packaging fits your product and your brand. Contact us today to get started.

First impressions mean a lot. No matter what product your company is selling, the first contact your customers have with your product is in its packaging. Don’t leave your customers with a bad first impression because of unattractive or cumbersome packaging. Come to PKG Company for all of your custom retail & Industrial packaging design needs. All of our custom packaging designs are crafted to not only protect your product, but also to stand out from the competition. PKG Company has the technology and capabilities to tailor our custom retail &Industrial packaging to perfectly fit your product in a manner that supports your brand image and helps deliver your brand message.

PKG Company’s sole purpose is to put your product into the perfect package that makes it attractive to the consumer and boost your sales. You’ve put a lot into developing the perfect product. Let PKG Company put your product into the perfect package.

Custom Packaging Solutions

  • Custom Wooden & Plastic Pallets
  • Permanent and Temporary POP displays
  • Custom Corrugated Cartons
  • Chipboard folding cartons
  • Litho lamination and Labeling Solutions
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Extended Warehousing


Providing labels since 1992, PKG Company has been a trusted supplier to many different markets. Our labels are found on many of the leading pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and personal care items across the USA. PKG Company provides solutions for your labeling needs through expertise in label design, production, application, performance and comprehensive technical support.

Designed to exceed client expectations, PKG Company can provide custom label printing that will have graphic impact, product durability and economic advantage. Pricing advantages and access to materials that can be matched for performance needs are advantages that PKG Company has because of its supplier relationships in the pressure-sensitive labels industry.

PKG Company’s current suppliers printing processes include leading edge digital, UV flexographic, foil stamping and combination printing. We are a label provider dedicated to helping you find the solutions you need. As experts in package imaging, we know what it takes to make products sell. Whether it is on a product line, shipping to a retail outlet, on a store shelf, or at home with your customer, you can trust in the quality of our product to do its job.

Your Source for Shrink Packaging Solutions

Shrink packaging is widely used by businesses, both large and small. For everything from tires and tiles to children's toys, paper goods, food products, and a wide variety of other products, shrink film is the packaging of choice. It protects and displays products, conforms to irregular shapes, and is easy for consumers to remove. PKG Company can help you design an efficient, cost-effective shrink film packaging system that matches your needs with high quality shrink packaging equipment and supplies. PKG Company is your supplier of choice for high-quality shrink films from top suppliers.

Quality Shrink Film Means Big Savings

Low-quality shrink film may cost less initially, but can introduce quality control problems, from burn holes and dog-ears to crow's feet and uneven shrinking. Those problems can slow down production and reduce productivity. With a wide variety of high quality shrink films available and always in stock, the experts at PKG Company will find the right film for your product and match it with the right equipment. The result is trouble-free, cost-effective shrink film packaging that keeps packaging costs low and productivity high.

Strapping & Tying

PKG Company carries an extensive line of strapping, banding, and tying supplies and accessories. We carry strapping equipment for hand or machine use.

  • Steel Strapping
  • Plastic Strapping
  • Polypropylene Strapping
  • Polyester Strapping
Steel Strapping

Regular duty steel strapping is a low carbon form of steel strapping made for low to medium usage. Use for package reinforcement, unitizing, palletizing, box closures and bundling. High demand sizes of steel strap are 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1-1/4" and all gauges from .015 to .029.

Plastic Strapping (Polypropylene and Polyester)

PKG Company carries an extensive line of polyester and polypropylene strapping in a multitude of widths, colors, core sizes, and break strengths.

Polypropylene Strapping — Machine Grade and Hand Grade

Polypropylene strapping is the most commonly used and least expensive of all strapping materials. It is light and easy to apply and recycle. Characteristics include high elongation and elongation recovery, but low retained tension. Available in both manual and machine grade, it can be sealed with buckles, seals, heat seals or friction welds. Polypropylene is best for light duty palletizing, unitizing, carton closing and bundling. It is used in all semi-automatic strapping machines and nearly all stand-alone arch machines.

Polyester Strapping — Machine Grade and Hand Grade

Polyester is the most rigid of all strapping materials. It elongates significantly less than polypropylene and retains tension over a longer period. Polyester is nick resistant and can be sealed with seals, heat or friction welds. Frequently used on heavy-duty loads that need high initial tension along with high-retained tension. Common applications are empty cans and bottles, lumber, and heavy, rigid palletizing. Polyester is available in both machine grade and hand grade and is easy to dispose of and to recycle.

Buckles & Seals

PKG Company also carries buckles and seals for both steel and plastic strapping, twine, plastic strapping tools, and strapping kits.

For more information on Strapping and Tying Products or for a quote please contact an PKG Company Certified Packaging Consultant.

We provide you with the most cost effective way
of securing your products.

PKG Company has been a stretch film supplier and stretch wrap machine supplier since 1992. Our knowledgeable and trained staff is experienced in helping to identify the most cost effective stretch wrap packaging for the application. Our stretch film solutions include hand pallet wrap, bundling stretch films, pre-stretched stretch films, machine grade stretch films, as well as specialty stretch films such as meat film, laundry stretch films and PVC printing films, UVI stretch films and VCI stretch films.

Think cost per load to wrap and not price per roll

Some suppliers try to win your business by cutting prices - we know there’s a better way. Give us15 minutes and we’ll tell you exactly how much you are paying to wrap a pallet. We simply cut and weigh the amount of film you are using. Then we wrap the same pallet with our stretch film and machine and compare the results. It’s not unusual to save customers enough to pay for a new stretch wrapper or retrofit your existing machine with a new film carriage. Call today and set up an appointment!

PKG Company offers stretch film solutions that will result in the lowest cost per pallet wrapped. Our consultants will work with you to arrive at solutions that will enhance your bottom line.

Tapes & Flexible Materials

PKG Company offers a broad range of tape products. We stock tape from the largest manufacturers in the industry such as Intertape, Shurtape, and more. Below is a list of tape products that we have available.

Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape

Pressure sensitive carton sealing tape comes in the 3 most common adhesive types, which are acrylic, hot-melt rubber, and natural rubber based.

PKG Company’s Acrylic adhesive carton sealing tape is best for low temperature application, has firm unwind, excellent aging and clarity, excellent quick tack to box, is printable and UV resistant.

Our hot-melt adhesive carton sealing tape has strong tack, high bonding, good aging, consistent unwind, is good for machine application, and is moisture resistant.

Our natural rubber carton sealing tape offers fast positive bonding on problem applications such as high-recycled content cartons, rough or ultra-smooth cartons, heavy ink coverage, dusty and/or dirty environments, humid conditions, and temperature extremes. It also has moisture resistance and firm unwind.

PKG’s Water Activated Paper tape is an all-purpose sealing tape made from a single piece of kraft paper coated with a flexible layer of water-soluble adhesive. Reinforced gummed tape provides the fastest and most secure way to close boxes and protect the contents. Extra strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between the high tensile strength sheets for an extra measure of strength.

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tapes are rolls of free-film pressure-sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. For application, the tape is simply pressed, adhesive side down, to a surface and the liner is peeled off. Adhesive Transfer Tapes are used for a variety of bonding and laminating applications; ranging from gaskets, graphics, and other lightweight materials to high bonding applications. Adhesive Transfer Tapes allow for good conformability and good adhesive wet out. Transfer tapes are also used to selectively island place adhesives on to other substrates prior to die cutting.

Single Sided Tape

Single Sided Tape

Single-Sided Tape, also known as Single-Coated Tape or Single-Faced Tape, is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, foil, cloth or paper face stock with rubber, acrylic or silicone adhesive on one side, and either has a silicone release liner or is self-wound. Depending on the combination of backings, adhesives and formats, single coated tapes have a wide variety of applications from holding and sealing to identifying, masking, protecting, splicing and more.

Double Sided Tape & Differential Adhesive Tapes

Double Sided Tape & Differential Adhesive Tapes

Double-Sided Tape, also known as Double-Coated Tape or Double-Faced Tape is a pressure-sensitive tape consisting of film, foam, paper, cloth or a foil carrier, with an acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive coated on both sides in any combination. Double coated tapes can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and are used in many applications such as bonding, holding, mounting, splicing, packaging and medical applications.

Double Coated / Differential Adhesive Tapes have a different adhesive on each side of the carrier, some for clean removal applications, and others for bonding to incompatible surfaces. Permanent/Removable adhesives are often used on glass for it removes without leaving residue. Acrylic/Rubber, Acrylic/Acrylic and Acrylic/Silicone adhesives are used for a wide variety of very demanding applications.

Cloth Tape / Woven & Non-Woven Fabrics

Cloth Tape / Woven & Non-Woven Fabrics

Cloth Tapes are commonly referred to as Duct Tape, Gaffers Tape, Spike Tape, Carpet Tape, Medical Tape, Athletic Tape, Glass Cloth Tape, Binding Tape, Friction Tape or Hockey Tape. Cloth Tape consist of cotton, polyester, acetate, nylon, rayon woven or non woven fabrics with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive. Often the cloth is coated with materials such as foil, PTFE, polyethylene, silicone, rubber or vinyl, making the tape flexible, durable, waterproof, fire-resistant or otherwise distinctive.

Woven fabrics are created by weaving or knitting yarns while non-woven fabrics are made of natural or synthetic fibers interlocked mechanically, thermally or chemically. Non-woven fabrics have diverse properties, such as stretch, resilience, absorbency, liquid repellency, washability, flame retardancy, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barrier and sterility. Some non-woven fabrics can be recycled after use and are often used in health care, apparel, home furnishings, transportation, industrial and consumer goods.

Films & Film Tape

Films & Film Tape

Film Tape, also known as Plastic Tape or Plastic Film consists of uniform, homogeneous, non-fibrous synthetic webs of Polyester, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Polyimide/Kapton®, Polycarbonate/Lexan®, PTFE, Vinyl (PVC and UPVC) and many more substrates. Films are available plain (without adhesive) or with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive on one or both sides and in any combination. Film materials are typically used for surface protection, identification, safety, bonding, splicing, electrical, medical, and packaging applications.

Foams & Foam Tape

Foams & Foam Tape

Foam consists of soft, cushiony natural or synthetic materials such as Acrylic, Polyethylene, Urethane (Polyurethane/Poron®), Sponge Rubber (Neoprene, EPDM, SBR), Vinyl and more. Open and closed cell foams are available plain (without adhesive) or with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive on one or both sides and in any combination.

Depending on the chemistry and construction makeup, foam materials are commonly used for mounting, gasketing, sealing, weather-stripping, industrial and medical applications. For example, urethane foam tapes cushion, seal, dampen sound and absorb vibration. Vinyl foam tapes are durable, weather-resistant and remain flexible on exposure to extreme temperature and light. Closed cell foams do not absorb water and are excellent for outdoor applications.

Foils & Foil Tape

Foils & Foil Tape

Foils include Aluminum, Copper, Lead and Stainless Steel, available plain (without adhesive), or with acrylic, rubber conductive or silicone adhesive on one or both sides in any combination. Depending on the chemistry and construction makeup, foil tapes are used for sealing or their electrical and thermal conductive properties.

Paper Tape

Paper Tape

Paper Tapes are commonly referred to as Masking Tape, Drafting Tape, Artist's Tape and Painters Tape, often used in masking, color coding, splicing, mounting, packaging and protecting. These paper-backed tapes consist of Flatback Paper, Crepe Paper, Tissue Paper, Fish Paper, Kraft Paper or Clay Coat Paper with a single or double coat adhesive. Selection is often based on temperature, holding power, and removability requirements.

Paper Products are available in economy to premium grades, low to high tack, different colors and sizes, plain or with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive on one or both sides in any combination.

Rubber Tape

Rubber Tape

Rubber Products are a viscoelastic blend of polymeric rubber based materials that can be natural, synthetic or expanded. Synthetic elastomers include Silicone Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Butyl Rubber Buna-N (Nitrile), EPDM Rubber, SBR Rubber, SBR/EPDM Blended Rubber and Viton® Rubber.

Rubber products are often used in gaskets and fluid sealing applications. Solid or hard rubber products are available in a variety of thicknesses and grades, such as General, FDA and Medical. Also available plain or with acrylic, rubber or silicone adhesive on one or both sides in any combination.

Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook & Loop Fasteners

Hook and Loop Reclosable Fasteners are used when a product requires repeated openings and closings. Hook and Loop fastening systems are offered in a wide range of product designs, commonly known as 3M™ Scotchmate™ Reclosable Fasteners, 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners and Velcro®.

Reclosable Fasteners mesh together for quick fastening, clean lines, and sleek profiles in many applications. Hook and Loop products are available plain for sewing-on or with acrylic or rubber adhesive in rollspre-fabricated parts or custom fabricated.