Artwork Guide

PKG is committed to high quality standard in its manufacturing and printing process. We operate a Rotogravure print process which allows customers a maximum of 8 colors including white and matte finish.

Please make sure to follow all the recommendations on this artwork guide to help ensure the best quality imprint for your stand up pouches, flat pouches and rollstock film.


  • Adobe Illustrator (Preferred) or Photoshop: AI or EPS formats. All text and fonts converted to outlines.
  • Corel Draw: Export files as AI. All text and fonts converted to curves.
  • Freehand: Export files as EDITABLE EPS. All text and fonts converted to paths


  • All Photoshop image files should be linked and attached. Never flatten the layers and do not change the directory.
  • The resolution of photographic image files must be no less than 300 dpi.
  • Do not scan pre-printed images.
  • Make sure images is saved at high resolution in CMYK color mode not RGB mode.


  • Create all fonts in artwork in outlines, curves or paths.
  • All fonts should be created in Illustrator and must be converted to vector file to avoid font substitution
  • Please include all screen and printer fonts (Suitcase and Postscript fonts)
  • Always double check the spelling, content and layout.


  • All barcodes (UPC codes) should be scaled at 100% or larger.
  • Make sure background and bar colors must be contrasting to allow proper scanning.

Artwork File Submission:

To prevent file corruption, Please make sure to compress (zip) your files, prior to submission.
Your artwork files can be submitted on the following medias:

  • E-mail (file size 5MB or less only)
  • FTP (If you want to submit your artwork via our FTP server, please contact us)
  • CD or DVD

All files must be accompanied with a hard copy proof or low resolution PDF for reference.

We have our in house graphic design team for any artwork or graphic design at an extra fee.

For questions or more information about the artwork guide for stand up pouches, flat pouches and rollstock film, you can contact us.