Features & Options

Reclosable or Resealable Zippers

PKG provides reclosable or resealable zippers as pouch features and options (Add-ons). They are produced with a plastic track with two plastic components, which interlock for reclosability in a pouch.

These packaging features assure that the contents stay fresh for a long time. These zippers can be used for storing and packaging food products, which need extended time for preservation of nutrients, taste and aroma. The zippers help in unpleasant odor diffusion too.

Valves or Vents

PKG also provides a pressure relief valve as pouch add-on features, which can be attached to pouches to vent out unwanted gasses from the contents of the pouches. This helps in maintaining the freshness of the products. They are also called “aroma valves” as they allow the user to smell the product through the valve.

Vent Holes can also be added for pouches to package products, which require additional ventilation. PKG can get enough perforations and dimensions of the holes through customization, depending on the overall products barrier requirements of the clients.

Clear Windows

PKG offers a clear window in a pouch for the transparent part of packaging. These clear windows are available in different shapes and sizes for product visibility. These add-ons are useful to show consumers about the contents of the product and boost the confidence in their minds to buy the product.

PKG can help in delivering customized shape and size for clear windows in their pouch offerings.

Tear Notches

Tear notches are provided by PKG wherein a portion of the pouch is pre-cut to coax the consumer initiate the tear-off action immediately. Tear notches provide pouches with ultra-clean and straight pouch openings. One can use tear notch to easily and quickly open the pouch just by hand. Tear notches can be used in a variety of pouch applications.

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic handles are designed to add value and boost consumer convenience. We provide ergonomic handles in different styles and sizes so that one can use it for better carrying and handling of the product.

Euro or Round Punch Holes

PKG presents the euro or round punch hole as pouch add-on features, which brings more flexibility for pouches. These add-ons can be hung and viewed by customers, as the vendors deem necessary.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners can be used to make any sharp corners on pouches round. PKG can deliver rounded corners to pouches to give a finished professional look while also preventing the sharp corners from inflicting injuries while handling them.