PKG is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all customer requirements and applicable standards and specifications. Each employee is committed to this goal.

Continuous Improvement

The PKG Quality Policy is to continually improve processes by supplying on-time goods, services and information of a quality standard that shall consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction to maintain long term commitments, productive customer relationships, and to provide a positive work environment.


All of the personnel at PKG Company are responsible for the attainment and maintenance of this quality standard. We will strive to maintain and exceed our high quality internal standards.

Quality Philosophy

PKG is committed to improving our product and service quality from the customer's viewpoint with the aim of maintaining and enhancing customers' satisfaction, reliability and trust. This reflects PKG's belief that our most important goal is to remain a highly trusted partner for our customers.

Quality Partnerships

All our production facilities are ISO 9001:2008 registered and are certified by the American Institute of Bakers.
These facilities are regularly audited by outside parties for performance to this standard.